Executive Health Clinic

It is well known that the modern stress of life leads to many illnesses in the community, including cancer. Unfortunately, it affects men and women who are in high profile jobs where they do not find time for their own health issues. Hence, we strongly advise once a year Health Checks for all individuals over 50 years. For those who have a strong family history of medical conditions like heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes, cancers and high cholesterol, these checks may need to be initiated even at an earlier age.

If you think you may well be needing one of these medical check ups and finding difficulty in slotting in to your busy work schedule, please request our reception staff to ask one of our doctors to ring you, so that we can work out a time convenient to both parties. Never make a "standard" booking and expect a detailed medical check up to be done in 10 minutes!

Or, if you wish to email, send your details at: reception@bmcmedical.com.au
The fees for these Health Check ups will be on case by case, depending on the time and tests done.
Usually we do:
a) complete physical check,
b) computerised ECG of heart,
c) Spirometry (lung function test), and
d) complete blood screening.

Please ensure that you bring along all detailed past personal and family medical history which will help the doctor immensely. If you need to obtain your previous medical records from other doctors or medical centres, kindly let our staff know in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Those who are enrolled in to these Executive Clinics are regularly informed about their follow-up tests and also given priority for appointments in case of urgency.

Remember: " Health is Wealth "

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