Fees are based on the AMA recommendations and vary according to time, content of consultation and treatment required. Some services such as School, Diving and Insurance Medicals are not covered by Medicare and may also be subject to GST. All fees must be paid on the day of consultation. Delayed payments will attract an additional fees of $10.

Please note the fees for a Standard Consult as of 1st November 2023:


Pensioners – $66.40 ($25 out of pocket)
Children 10 years and younger - Directly Billed

All Others (including children above 10) – $87.00
Saturdays - All patients are Privately billed

Procedures - All procedures are Privately billed
*Dressings - In view of the high costs involved, there will be a fee ($20) in addition to consultation fees.*


Easyclaim: You can claim Medicare refund at this practice for most of the consultations.


Kindly speak with the reception staff regarding fee for longer consultations, medicals and procedures.


* All mastercard and visa card are accepted. There should be a minimum transaction of $10.

* Kindly ensure that you have a valid current Medicare Card.

* If you do not have a valid Medicare card, full payment has to be done on the day of consultation. You may claim the refund from Medicare later.


Medicare Office

The nearest office is at Karrinyup Shopping Centre (Northcourt building).



Monday to Wednesday & Friday : 9am to 5pm

Thursday : 9am to 7pm

Saturday : 9am to 12.30pm


Workers Comp & Motor Vehicle accident

All visits will be privately billed and needs to be paid on the day of consultation.

Kindly forward the Invoice to your employer / insurer for claiming the payment.


Insurance, Employment and Driver's License Medicals

These need appropriate long bookings. Kindly ensure that either you are a regular patient of this practice or make arrangements for obtaining your previous medical records, if any. Without the knowledge of your past medical problems, it may be difficult to do a detailed medical report.


Except in cases where you can provide us a letter from the insurer regarding the payment, we expect you to pay in full on the day of the medical.

Kindly speak with the staff regarding the fees for all medicals. Please bear in mind that the fees depend on the type and complexity of the medical examination. You are welcome to email us for further details and also for appointments.


Our email is: reception@bmcmedical.com.au

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