Appointments are recommended for consultations. A standard appointment is for 10 minutes. Full medical examinations like Insurance, Employment Medicals and Procedures take additional time. If you think a consultation may take longer time, please let the staff know at the time of making the appointment. Also kindly inform the staff if your appointment is related to Worker's Compo or Motor Vehicle Accident or School Medicals.

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Emergency Consultations

We will try our best to accommodate any urgent request, especially for very sick children / elderly. In situations where there are no bookings available and if you are a regular patient of this practice, kindly leave your contact number/s and one of our doctors will endeavour
to speak with you and do the best possible.

Appointment Cancellation

Being a small medical practice, we usually have a full booking for the day and on many occasions are not able to provide appointments at short notice. Hence, kindly avoid last minute cancellations. This will help not only us but also other patients. You may be charged a standard consultation fee if we are not informed at least one day prior about the cancellation. This also applies to patients who do not turn up for their appointments.


Waiting Time

In spite of our best efforts, doctors do tend to run late occasionally, because of emergencies. Please inform the reception staff if you have been waiting for more than 30 minutes after arrival.


One Booking One Patient Policy

Kindly avoid requesting doctors to see other family members while the booking is only for one member. We also cannot discuss the medical reports of other family members.

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