Referral Letters Scripts/Referrals

We strongly advise that patients should see the doctor for ensuring an appropriate referral letter is made prior they attend a specialist. This may be for the initial or subsequent referrals. The GP may need to update your medical records as well as obtain recent blood / xrays prior referring.


Only in exceptional cases where the patient has attended this surgery within the previous six months for that particular condition, an ongoing referral letter will be made without attendance. Kindly ensure that we are provided adequate notice in preparing this referral letter. However, no back dated referrals will be issued.


This service will incur a minimum fee of $20.


Repeat Prescriptions


It is in the best interest of your health to be seen by the doctor whenever you require repeat prescriptions. This applies especially to blood pressure pills, diabetic pills and antibiotics. In selected cases prescriptions for some continuing medications may be written without consultation. In such situations, a fee of $20 may be charged for a maximum of three items in the script.


* Note: You may place a request for prescriptions online via our website (Health Engine App)


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