All the doctors at this medical centre have extensive expertise in procedural skills. This involves removal of 'lumps & bumps', skin lesions & cancers, warts or scars, hormone implantations, toe nail surgeries and many more.


In view of the large number of such procedures that are being carried out at this centre, the management has decided to switch over to single use, disposable stainless steel kits instead of the re-usable autoclaved instruments. This would result in a safer and sterile environment during the surgical procedures, ensuring stringent control of 'cross-infection'.


Kindly note that all procedures are billed privately.

Patients are requested to settle the accounts on the day of the procedure.


Post Procedure Check List

1. The patient may not be able to drive vehicle. Hence speak to your doctor prior to the procedure.

2. This may also apply with your ability to work or daily activities

3. You will need to keep the body part where the procedure was done clean and dry for few days.

4. Daily change of dressings may be required.

5. You may be required to return to the doctor after a week for removal of sutures and discuss the report of the Histopathology, if required.

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